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May. 13th, 2005 @ 04:49 am o_O I'm HOPING a child wrote this.... If not, that's a sad adult. XD;
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When they are babies they are small but they grow large as adults. Tarantula can
weigh 1-3 oz. They are 1-5 inches long.  Tarantulas have hairy bodies and legs
and they can be tan, reddish brown, dark brown or black. They live in dry, well
drained soil. In the United States they live in drier areas. In other parts of
the world they are often found in rainforests and other wet places. In the
United States they are mostly dark colors other species can be red, green,
golden, blue, tiger striped, or other brilliant colors. Tarantulas are not web
weavers. These spiders are very fast and can crawl across floors and walls at
amazing speed. Tarantulas hiss and rub fangs together to make an impressive
display. The biggest spider in the United States has a very big name tarantula. 

I beg for commas... BEG! I was looking up tarantula caresheets and came across that... And that last sentence.... tsk. *shakes head*

XD At least I finally posted something! Yay for me!
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