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The Future is Grim

Kids Kant Rite
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Children are becoming progressively more and more stupid. We all know it's true. The internet, and even our schools are flooded with pieces of writing consisting of grammar and spelling rivaling that of a chimp with brain damage, and instead of trying to fix it, we lessen their work load and make the existing work easier. They're watching shows like 'Rocket Power,' for God's sake.

Teachers are forced to grade reports where the writer is too inept to spell out entire words, instead using shortcuts and internet slang such as, 'ur,' '2morrow,' and 'bbl.'

What, we ask, is the world of the written language coming to? Well, it's not like WE have any control over the little sods, so instead, we come together to do the next best thing: Mock them mercilessly.

So, friends, seek out those gems, those truly horrible pieces of writing, and share them with us.

Please keep cursing at a relative minimum. Don't fight, don't flame eachother, and don't post more than three times a day per person, and we'll all get along fine. ^_~

Posting format:

1. Please put long examples behind an LJ-cut to save room on friends' lists.

2. Name the source of your example, and what the subject is, ie. a review, a book report, etc.

3. Don't post things that just have few spelling errors here and there. Everyone makes those. I want the REAL, atrocious, horrible, mock-worthy things.

4. Sources can be anything from movie reviews, book reports, fanfiction, livejournal posts, even something YOU wrote as a horrible child-creature. Have fun!

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